What we do at Vermont Physiotherapy

Manual Therapy

This is a specialised form of physical therapy delivered with the hands as opposed to a device or machine. During manual therapy, practitioners use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints in an attempt to decrease pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and join dysfunction.
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Electrotherapy increases the blood flow to an area to enhance the tissue repair process or to control pain levels. High frequency sound waves are focused around the site of an injury by gently moving an ultrasonic head over the affected area causing vibrations and movement of cellular fluids. Ultrasound therapy is commonly used in the rehabilitation of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

Dry Needling

A fantastic form of treatment to relieve muscle tension, reduce pain and stimulate circulation with minimal pain. It involves needling to altered or dysfunctional tissues (the muscle ‘knot’) in order to improve or restore function. The needle is gently inserted into the skin until the tissue is stimulated increasing both the muscle and nerve supply and the blood flood to the area which helps to relax the muscle. After dry needling treatment, the area that was treated will feel much softer and more relaxed.


A key part of rehabilitation is a graduated exercise program designed to return the effected body part to a normal level of function. The Physiotherapist will begin with developing mobilization which starts with gentle range-of-motion exercises and then moves on to stretching and strengthening exercise when you can without increasing pain.   See more